Rottweiler Breeder

Maureen Telisky, a Rottweiler breeder, presents this site for the education of all of those interested in joining the world of responsible dog ownership. We breed for the love of Rottweilers and the sport of dog showing. We hope you enjoy the information and pictures included on our site.

Our foundation Rottweilers

Our love of Rottweilers has given us the desire to contribute to the breed by producing dogs of sound temperment that represent the Rottweiler breed standard and can be enjoyed as members of your family. With these goals in mind it was important to start with the best. Our typey stud dog Cash and our foundation bitch Tilly have given us strong pedigrees on which to build. Each have a heart clearance, an eye certification, as well as hip and elbow clearances.

Whether being a lifelong companion for someone,or going on to the conformation, obedience, agility, or herding ring, our puppies are all equally important to us. Our litters are raised in our home as members of our family until it is time to move on to their chosen homes. Much time is committed to making a proper match between a puppy and a prospective home.nikbuck2

It is our belief that a lifelong relationship can flourish thru proper training and socialization. Please take time to research the breed and make sure this is a proper fit for all of the members in the household. The puppy will grow into a mature adult and will require much love and attention over their lifetime. Providing these requirements along with adequate exerciseand training takes time.

We would like to hear from you

If you would like more information about Rottweilers we invite you to look thru our site, or feel free to contact us. Our news page has all our latest accomplishments, both breeding litters of fine puppies and showing in the ring!